Discover the most fun surf school of Guadeloupe, a wonderful playground

Our surf school welcomes tourists and locals to discover surfing in Guadeloupe and the joy of being inside the water, always whilst feeling safe.

No matter if you are beginner or already advanced, we offer classes and techniques which are individually adapted and will help you to find your own rhythm while discovering the most beautiful spots of Guadeloupe.

Surflessons for kids/teens/adults

Our three principles when surfing:

  • a pedagogy adapted to everyone
  • sharing
  • respecting and understanding nature and marine environment
For adults (without age limit), teenagers (from 12 years) and children (minimum 5 years), we offer initial, advanced and professional classes from Monday to Sunday, depending on the capacity either as private lessons or in a group.

During the school holidays, surf lessons with accommodation (3 nights/4 days) are being offered for teenagers  from 13 to 17 years to let them enjoy life at the camp and in the water!!! (see club/stages)

The reservation and the payment can easily be done on our website. The confirmation of the spot will be done the day before via phone or mail, depending on the weather conditions.

A session will be good if the spot and the conditions of the waves are adapted to:

  • your safety
  • your needs
  • your aims
  • your physical condition

The lessons last about 2 hours (without a potential way to the spot and back), but depending on your physical condition, they can also be a bit shorter or longer!!!



Surf classes and accommodation

Frédo Nolulu Surf School & Camp is the one and only surf school in Guadeloupe which offers surf lessons with or without accommodation, for both beginners and advanced learners.groupe de l'école de surf